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hogwartgraphics's Journal

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1. Must be Harry Potter related graphics. That's the purpose of this community, any non HP related entries will be deleted without notice. Sorry. Multifandom [posts with HP, LOTR, etc] posts are always allowed!

2. Any mature content MUST be kept BEHIND a cut, and please say in advance that it contains explicit content, because Harry Potter appeals to fans of all ages! Also, slash couplings are also allowed, but just be sure to keep it behind an LJ cut.

3. Be polite and respectful. DO NOT START DRAMA. If ANY member of the community is bothering you, let one of the moderators know and we'll get and investigate the situation.BASHING OF ANY KIND IS NOT ALLOWED! Any drama is not tolerated and will result in a banning, no prior warning.

4. When posting large amounts of icons, please use the LJ cut If you have more than 3 icons please put this under a cut.

5. You will see that this community is monitored, i've noticed around other communities that as we get closer to the 7th novel alot of spoilers are being leaked out, people don't want to be spoiled (including myself) so at least put it under a cut .

That's about it for rules. It will be updated every now and then so keep a look out! Join, and above all have loads of fun!


If you have any questions/comments just leave me a comment

want to be an affiliate? just contact onlyhoperemains